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⭐⭐⭐Waitstaff, kitchen staff, BanhMi Staff needed for Marrickville, Darlinghurst, Chatswood, Eveleigh shop⭐️⭐️⭐️ ❤REQUIREMENT FOR WAITSTAFF POSITION - Minimum 1 year experience - Good communication skills (English and Vietnamese preferred) - Honest and hard working - Problem solving skills - Manage customer experience - Ability to communicate with the Kitchen effectively - Experienced in take away food environment (able to make BanhMi) is a strong advantage ❤️REQUIREMENT FOR KITCHEN STAFF POSITION - Minimum 1 year experience. - MUST Know how to prepare PHO and NOODLE SALAD (don't need to cook the pho soup) and basic vietnamese food knowledge... - Able to handle kitchen in peak hour. - Keep the working environment clean and neat. - Training will be provided - Experienced in take away food environment (able to make BanhMi) is a strong advantage ❤️REQUIREMENT FOR BANH MI STAFF - Minumum 1 year experience - Must know how to make BanhMi quicky and nicely. - Experience to prepare pho and salad rice paper roll is a strong advantage - Able to handle multiple tasks in peak hour, work as a team (able to help each other when it’s busy) - Must know how to take order in English. Anyone who quite meet the requirements in the position description .Please leave a message to the number below with a brief of your experience and the position you want to apply for. EXPIRED4 281 710 ( David) Cheers 🎉

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